Introducing J You Connection (JYC)


What is a JYC Teen Club?
JYC is a special time for those 11-14 years of age to meet together with trained, qualified adults to grow in their faith with solid teaching from God's Word. It provides fellowship with other teens, helps develop a missionary vision, and trains young teens in service for the Lord Jesus Christ. JYC wants to help bring stability to young teens during these changing years of their lives.

How can you be involved in reaching this age group for the Lord?
By taking a JYC 30 Hour Training Course This course will prepare adults to reach teens for Christ.
During this course you will learn:

  • How to counsel teens for salvation.
  • How to prepare a Bible Lesson.
  • How to deal with teenage problems such as drugs, alcohol, abuse and other problems teens encounter.
  • How to make your class fun and inviting.
  • How to start a JYC Teen Club.
  • How to teach teens to serve the Lord through community Christian service and mission opportunities.
  • Introduce you to the curriculum which also has PowerPoint availability.
When does this course begin?         

For more information and registration forms, call Dale Baer (419-756-7799). Dale is a trained teacher with CEF with many years of experience evangelizing children and teens. Dale will be teaching this course if enough students are interested in taking it.